Advisory to Rutgers-Camden Community: U.S. Immigration Policy Change

UPDATE: 26 September 2017

Latest Court Rulings on Travel Ban

There is a new Supreme Court decision partially upholding the travel ban that was set by Executive Order 13780 in March. This reverses previous district court rulings that temporarily blocked the travel ban.

“The decision, however, contains an important exception that upholds the injunction for individuals ‘who have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.’ Most students, exchange visitors, and employment-based nonimmigrants should be able to meet this condition, and should therefore continue to be protected from the 90-day ban.” From NAFSA, the Association of International Educators.

We can hope that most students and scholars from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, therefore, will likely continue to be exempt from the 90-day ban."

On Friday, January 27, the Trump administration issued an executive order suspending immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States for citizens and nationals of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Foreign nationals and passport holders from those countries should know that until further notice, they will face additional vetting upon entry into the U.S. and most likely will not be readmitted into the U.S. if they leave the country to travel abroad. The executive order also suggests that additional countries could be added to the current list of countries currently facing suspended entry.

Rutgers University-Camden is dedicated to ensuring that all international members of our community thrive on our campus. We understand that rapid changes in immigration policy create uncertainty and apprehension for our international students and scholars and the entire Rutgers community. Rutgers University-Camden remains fully committed to these valued members of our community, and to engaging globally to bring the best scholars and students from around the world to our campus. We will continue to monitor changes in federal immigration policy and provide timely updates to the Rutgers University-Camden community.

Until more information becomes available, we advise the following:

All international students, faculty, staff, and scholars (this includes passport holders, citizens, nationals, dual nationals, etc.) planning to travel outside the U.S.: Carefully assess whether it is worth the risk to travel outside the country. We encourage you to contact the Office of International Students on the Camden campus 856-225-6832 or the Center for Global Services on the New Brunswick campus (848) 932-7015 for guidance and to discuss additional specific questions resulting from the immigration suspension.

The Rutgers Immigrant Rights Clinic (973-353-5292) can confidentially answer questions regarding immigration law or other related concerns. 

We encourage all international travelers to consider returning to the U.S. via the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) as their first port of entry into the country if at all possible, as the close proximity to Rutgers University-Camden will allow for the most rapid response to any situations involving members of the Rutgers University-Camden community that may arise upon entry. 

Registering Travel    

As always for any international travel, we strongly encourage you to enter your itinerary and contact information in the Rutgers International Travel Registry.  Doing so enables us to expedite assistance if you need help while abroad. In light of the current immigration policy changes, it will also enable us to advise you prior to departure if immigration policy changes may affect your trip.

Additional Resources:

Rutgers University-Camden Student Health Services  Tel: (856) 225-6005

Rutgers University Camden Police Department Tel: (856) 225-6111

Dean of Students Office Tel:  (856) 225-6050