Housing and Local Information

On-Campus Housing
Incoming students are strongly encouraged to apply for housing prior to arrival at Rutgers University-Camden. Housing assignments are done on a rolling, space-available basis.  Apply early to have the best chance of receiving a room assignment.

Graduate students may apply for on-campus housing at the 330 Cooper Street ). Each resident has a private bedroom in a four-bedroom, 3-bedroom, or 2-bedroom apartment, with a shared kitchen, dining area, living room, and bathroom. For more information, on graduate on-campus housing, please visit the Residence Life website.

Undergraduate students may reside in Rutgers Camden Towers. The Towers is a ten-story brick building housing over 200 students. Each suite consists of three bedrooms (two students per bedroom), a living room, and a bathroom. There are cooking facilities on each floor for the use of all residents. For more information on undergraduate on-campus housing, please see the Residence Life website.  

Off-Campus Housing

Looking for a place to live off-campus? Check out some of the resources below.

HomeStay Network

The Sublet



Craigslist: South Jersey or Philly for alternative local housing listings.

Off-Campus Housing Tips
Housing costs vary considerably, depending on location, type of housing, number of bedrooms, and whether or not utilities (gas, electricity, water, etc.) are included in the rent. Typical apartment buildings offer one and two-bedroom apartments. Some will offer efficiencies/studios (one room apartment). Very few offer three-bedroom apartments. The area surrounding Rutgers-Camden offers many rental opportunities. Aside from the community directly surrounding the campus, many students have also chosen to take residence in the communities of Collingswood, Haddonfield, Westmont, Voorhees Pennsauken and Cherry Hill. If you do not have a car, consider apartments close to a NJ Transit bus route, PATCO speedline or the Riverline.

Most renters are required to pay a "security deposit" when they sign a lease. A security deposit is an amount of money, typically equal to one or two month's rent, that will be held by the apartment manager until the end of the lease. The security deposit is used to pay for the repair of any damages to the apartment. [Please note: When moving into an apartment, make sure to inspect carefully for any damage that already exists and report it to the manager immediately.] Any unused portion of the security deposit will be returned.

Make sure you can afford to pay for the apartment and all associated bills. If you see “P.O.U.” in the advertisement for the apartment that means you will have to pay for your own utilities (heat and electricity). If you choose to rent an apartment for which you have to P.O.U., you can create an account at pseg.com and find out the previous average annual bill. You should try to find an apartment which has heat and light included so that you do not have to worry about paying these bills.

Make sure the apartment is clean, and has no mold on walls or floors, no water leaks in the ceilings and no rust in the bathroom or kitchen sink (a sign of hard water and sometimes bad plumbing). You should turn on and off all light switches to check the electrical wiring, make sure water runs clean in the kitchen and in the bathroom sink and shower/tub, and that your toilet flushes. The landlord may give you a funny look when you check these things, but it is for your own good that you do so - you wouldn’t want to get in a shower with brown water, would you?

Temporary Housing

Many new students will need to make arrangements for temporary accommodations for their first few days at Rutgers. Accommodations are in high demand in late August and early September each year, so it is advisable to reserve early. Short term accommodations may be found at one of the places on our temporary accommodations list. Other resources you may consider are online services such as www.hotels.com, www.priceline.com or www.hotwire.com which offer discounted rates. Please make reservations early in order to secure an affordable option.